Squire is a global pioneer of top-selling security products for the home, for work and on the move. With a 230-year heritage as an independent family-owned lock manufacturer, we are uncompromising in our commitment to innovation, service and performance. We offer one of the most comprehensive padlock and combination ranges made to World Class standards, continuing our tradition of making high-quality products to exceed the expectations of our users.

Squire recognises the market wants new and better solutions to security problems. With our considerable expertise in the security market and our innovative approach to product development we are continually making improvements to meet ever changing customer needs. Many of our recent product developments are protected by patents and have achieved Sold Secure status with individual design features to improve performance and security.

As an independent family owned business spanning eight generations, we are proud to design and manufacture our products to the highest quality standards. Our personal 10-year guarantee covers all our products. Please visit the product area for more detailed information. If further assistance is required, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be very happy to help you.

We are dedicated to becoming the leader in our market by pursuing the values of simplicity and trust in everything we do, everything we make and in all our dealings with people.

A premium range of high performance combination locks

When keys are lost or stolen it’s a real problem. That’s why key-operated security products are increasingly unpopular with many users. The only way to regain security quickly is by changing the whole key system and, inevitably, it is expensive and time consuming. With our complete range of recodable combination padlocks and locks, there is no need for keys. Codes can be changed quickly, easily and at low cost, so the system always stays secure.

The Squire combination product range offers users a full choice of sophisticated ‘keyless’ solutions to match all security needs from luggage and cycle locks, to genuine high security padlocks for use in high risk areas like perimeter gates, storage areas and commercial vehicles.

Unique in design, our combination locks are manufactured to the highest standards for quality performance. Easy to use, they are fully recodable and many can be coded alike so one code opens  several locks.

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Lockmakers Since 1780