Squire SS100CS Closed Shackle | Boron Hardened Steel Padlock


Squire SS100CS Closed Shackle | Boron Hardened Steel Padlock

Product description

The Squire SS100CS  Stronghold padlock is the world's strongest production padlock. Squire's SS100CS Stronghold padlock is a massive, ultra-high-security, closed shackle hardened steel padlock which is the first padlock to ever achieve a level SR5 security rating from the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), their highest possible rating.

Product Features

  • Massive 20mm diameter hardened boron alloy steel shackle 
  • 100mm wide solid hardened steel lock body - Weighs approx 4Kg
  • Closed shackle design for ultra-high security applications
  • Accredited to LPCB Level SR4 and CEN6 security level approved
  • Dual key operated for high security and/or supervised use. Can be keyed to differ, keyed-alike or master-keyed 
  • Electrophoretic anti-corrosion finish 
  • Anti-drill protection 
  • Tensile pull test independently verified to 17 tonnes  
  • Shackle completely detaches from the padlock body - easier to attach through the hasp and staple or a chain

Recommended for

  • Perimeter Gates
  • High-Security Facilities
  • Heavy-Duty Equipment
  • Lorries, Trailers, RVs 
  • Military
  • Industrial

If you are looking for the strongest padlock security that is independently certified  and proven in the field, order your SS100CS today. 





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