Strengthening Rural Security: Protecting Farms from Rising Crime

Strengthening Rural Security: Protecting Farms from Rising Crime

The cost of living crisis has led to a significant increase in rural crime, affecting rural businesses and residents alike. Recent reports from insurance companies  highlight the surge in criminal activities as thieves make up for lost time during the pandemic. These reports reveal alarming statistics and concerns over the implications of rural crime.

Discover the main benefits of bolstering security to safeguard farms, businesses, and rural communities.

Main Benefits

  • Enhanced Protection: Implementing robust security measures helps prevent thefts, burglaries, and other criminal activities, ensuring the safety of valuable assets, including livestock, machinery, and vehicles.
  • Deterrence of Criminals: Visible security measures such as high-quality padlocks, security lighting, and CCTV systems act as powerful deterrents, discouraging potential criminals from targeting rural properties.
  • Secure Perimeter: Strengthening the perimeter security through measures like repairing fences, securing gates with high security padlocks and chains, and utilizing geofencing technology prevents unauthorized access and improves overall property security.
  • Vehicle Protection: Implementing vehicle security measures, such as secure garaging opening protection, high-security chains, ground anchors significantly increase the security of tractors, generators, RV vehicles and trailers, and other valuable assets against theft.

Security Assessment & Implementation

Layered Security: Assess and strengthen the security layers for valuable assets, including machinery, fuel tanks, and livestock, tailoring security measures to specific needs.
Perimeter Security: Evaluate and enhance the physical security of the property perimeter, repairing fences, improving gate security, and considering advanced options like geofencing.
Locking Systems: Install high-quality commercial strength padlocks, security chains, and hasps on all doors and gates, ensuring routine locking practices to enhance overall security.
Vehicle Protection: Secure vehicles by storing them in locked garages, removing keys, and using immobilization devices. When necessary, employ high-security chains and padlocks to secure vehicles to immovable anchor points.

Act now to secure your rural property and protect it from rising crime. Assess your security measures, identify weaknesses, and implement the necessary enhancements to safeguard your assets and ensure peace of mind. By selecting to trust Squire Locks USA you can rest assured your are dealing with a company widely regarded as the manufacturer of premium strength and high quality padlocks, security chains, ground anchors, garage defenders and more. 

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