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Squire Locks Combi-Bolt ™ from $17.99
UNIQUE RECODABLE LOCKING BOLT: The Squire Locks Combi-Bolt is a unique patented recodeable combination locking bolt that is completely rustproof. Simple to use and install, the Combi-Bolt's high pick resistance and up to 100,000 possible combinations give high quality security for indoor and outdoor applications. WEATHERPROOF: These high quality locking bolts have been constructed using a high quality metal alloy and a steel bolt, making them completely rust and weather proof and offering high pick resistance, making them an essential purchase for anyone requiring security and peace of mind. FULLY RECODABLE, NO KEYS TO LOSE: The solid construction and benefit of "no keys to lose" are just two of the features that make the Combi-Bolt an essential purchase for anyone requiring security and peace of mind. The 3 wheel configuration allows for up to 1,000 combinations, the 4 Wheels 10,000 different combinations, and the 5 wheel configuration allows for up to 100,000 possible combinations. INDOOR AND OUTDOOR SECURITY: The Squire Combination Locking Bolts are great for all around use including sheds, cupboards, storage areas, gates, cabinets and lockers. SQUIRE10 YEAR WARRANTY: We at SQUIRE have over 235 years of lock making history; we are uncompromising in our commitment to innovation, service and performance. We’re proud of our craft and stand firmly behind our reputation for long-lasting toughness. That’s why every one of our locks comes with a 10 year personal guarantee. If you have any problems with your lock, we will give you a new one, no questions asked.

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