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Squire Heavy Duty Padlocks

Unmatched Security: Discover Squire Stronghold® Heavy Duty Padlocks

When the elements turn harsh, trust in Squire Heavy Duty Padlocks to stand strong. Unparalleled in resilience and durability, these high-security padlocks redefine protection.

Main Benefits:

  1. All-Weather Armor: Our Stronghold® padlocks sport an all-weather stormproof lock body cover, safeguarding against rain, snow, frost, and sun exposure.
  2. Corrosion-Defying Finish: Benefit from an electrophoretic finish that shields against corrosion, ensuring the padlocks remain steadfast over time.
  3. Elemental Safeguard: A protective keyhole dust cover enhances longevity by preventing the elements from compromising the lock's internals.
  4. Unrivaled Strength: Squire's Stronghold range of heavy duty padlocks is widely regarding as the world's toughest production padlocks, engineered for maximum security and anti-corrosion performance.
  5. Versatility in Security: From perimeter gates to shipping containers, our padlocks excel in high-risk zones, protecting valuable assets like commercial vehicles and machinery.
  6. Premium Certification: Achieving the LPCB SR4 standard and CEN Grade 6 rating, our dual-cylinder padlocks offer an unmatched 625 million key differs.
  7. Controlled Access: Tailor access with the dual-cylinder design, featuring options for 'same key' or 'keyed to differ' configurations, ensuring versatile security management.
  8. Dual-Key Security: Experience enhanced security with a lock that demands both keys for unlocking, providing an additional layer of protection.
  9. Unyielding Endurance: Weighing a robust 4.3kg, the SS100CS boasts exceptional tensile strength of over 24 tonnes, independently tested and proven.
  10. Comprehensive Range: Explore the Stronghold® high-security padlock range, offering various sizes and shackle variants to suit diverse security needs.
  11. Superior Construction: Armed with a solid hardened steel lock body, electrophoretic anti-corrosion finish, and hardened boron alloy steel shackle, our padlocks are built for resilience.
  12. Advanced Features: Storm-proof cover, protective keyhole dust cover, and closed shackle protection contribute to the padlocks' unmatched durability.
  13. Proven Resistance: Rigorously tested to meet the BS EN12320:2012 Grade 5 standard for corrosion resistance after undergoing 480 hours of salt spray exposure.
  14. Enduring Cover: The protective cover envelops the lock body and cylinders, providing extended service life even in challenging conditions.
  15. Robust Corrosion Protection: The black electrophoretic anti-corrosion finish provides a dual-layer shield, maximizing corrosion resistance both internally and externally.
  16. Shackle Armor: The closed shackle design delivers comprehensive protection, effectively thwarting various forms of attack.
  17. Anti-Cut & Anti-Twist: Featuring a 20mm diameter boron alloy steel shackle, these padlocks provide unparalleled anti-cut and anti-twist resistance.
  18. Precision Engineering: The unique dual-cylinder design boasts precision-engineered solid brass cylinders, fortified with anti-pick and anti-bump features.
  19. Leading Tolerances: Crafted with precision, the CNC-manufactured lock body fends off bolt cutter and twist attacks, setting new standards in security.
  20. British Craftsmanship: Proudly designed, engineered, and crafted in Britain, the Stronghold® brand embodies the essence of superior high-security solutions.
  21. Certified Protection: Most of the Stronghold® range bears the stamp of approval from Sold Secure, CEN, LPCB, and Secured by Design, ensuring uncompromising security.

Elevate your security expectations with Squire Stronghold® Heavy Duty Padlocks – a testament to unwavering toughness and unbreakable protection, designed to brave the elements and stand the test of time.

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