Squire Inigma: Smart Access Control for Padlocks and Cylinders

Squire Inigma: Smart Access Control for Padlocks and Cylinders

Squire Inigma: Unified Smart Access Control

Unlock the future of security with Squire's groundbreaking Inigma smart electronic security solution for lock cylinders and padlocks. Our Inigma technology sets a new standard for secure and unified access control, seamlessly blending innovation and protection.

World-Beating Smart Lock System

Squire proudly unveils Inigma, a world-beating smart electronic security system designed and engineered to provide unparalleled remote access control. With the Inigma digital Bluetooth security system, you can effortlessly manage access for a single user or a vast network of users, all through a single, user-friendly app.

Enterprise Class - Unified Digital Access Control

Inigma harnesses the power of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication to connect smart locks to a secure cloud server via mobile networks, all controlled by a smartkey. With one key capable of unlocking over 10,000 locks and recording each interaction, your security has never been more efficient. Lost or stolen smartkeys can be easily managed, and a multi-function LED indicator ensures you stay informed.

Seamless Smartphone Integration

Experience real-time control through your smartphone, enabling key re-validation and permission changes from the intuitive Inigma app. Our rechargeable key only requires periodic charging, making it incredibly user-friendly. Inigma is compatible with Android and Apple iOS, boasting military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, an intuitive interface, and flexible scheduling for complex security strategies.

Comprehensive Security Features

Inigma offers a detailed audit trail, simplified access management, and supports online and remote programming. Installation is hassle-free, requiring no hard wiring or costly authorizers. It seamlessly integrates with various Squire products, including euro cylinders and the formidable Stronghold® padlock range.

Diverse Cylinder and Padlock Options

Inigma Stronghold padlocks, available in various sizes and shackle variants, feature solid hardened steel bodies, anti-corrosion finishes, boron alloy steel shackles, anti-drill protection, and high corrosion resistance.

Proven Strength with Stronghold® Integration

Our integration with the Stronghold padlocks ensures padlocks have undergone rigorous in-house testing, demonstrating their ability to withstand even the most determined attacks. Most of our extra-high-security Stronghold® products are CEN tested and approved for added reassurance.

Discover the future of smart electronic security with Inigma by Squire Locks USA. Experience unmatched protection, convenience, and control for your security needs.

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