Stronghold® Celebrates 25 Years History

Stronghold® Celebrates 25 Years History

Squire Stronghold® Celebrates 25 Years of Padlock Security Excellence

We are proudly commemorating a remarkable milestone as Squire's prestigious Stronghold® security brand reaches its 25th anniversary. For a quarter of a century, Stronghold has epitomized the pinnacle of British craftsmanship, delivering heavy-duty, extra high security padlocks that inspire confidence and trust.

With an illustrious heritage spanning 240 years, Squire Stronghold® stands as an unrivaled symbol of strength and durability. Introduced in 1998 by our dedicated product development team, the first Stronghold® padlock emerged as a trailblazer, spearheading the establishment of crucial new European CEN standards within the security industry.

Prior to the advent of Stronghold, the late '80s witnessed a pressing need for regulated control over misleading claims surrounding the strength of padlocks. To address this, Squire set out to create a padlock that not only met but surpassed the requirements of the CEN Extra High security category. By obtaining official certification, we aimed to offer consumers genuine security they could rely on.

The Stronghold range revolutionized the market by introducing an unprecedented level of flexibility and choice, unmatched by any other manufacturer at the time. It opened doors to diverse variants, each boasting exceptional strength and resilience.

Over the years, the Stronghold® range has continuously evolved to encompass an extensive lineup of ultra-high security padlocks, padbars, chains, and lock and chain sets catering to commercial needs. Notable features include solid hardened steel lock bodies, electrophoretic anti-corrosion finishes, hardened boron alloy steel shackles, anti-drill protection, and high corrosion resistance, making them ideal for even the harshest environments.

At the forefront of our Stronghold family resides the formidable SS100S padlock, hailed as the world's strongest production padlock. Its unparalleled might has earned it the prestigious LPCB Level SR4 certification—the highest level ever attained by a standalone padlock.

Today, our Stronghold® range not only holds the esteemed approval of CEN but also receives accolades from industry-leading organizations such as Sold Secure, Lost Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), and Secured by Design. These globally recognized endorsements solidify our commitment to providing uncompromising security solutions.

Join us in celebrating 25 years of Stronghold® as we continue to push boundaries and set new benchmarks for security excellence. Experience the unrivaled protection and peace of mind offered by our range of Stronghold® products, meticulously crafted to safeguard your most valuable assets.

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