CBW85 Straight Shackle Boron Steel Combination Padlock CBW85 Straight Shackle Boron Steel Combination Padlock
Squire Locks CBW85 Straight Shackle Boron Steel Combination Padlock $86.99
CBW85 Combination Container Padlock: The Ultimate Straight Shackle Padlock Ensure the utmost protection for your assets with Squire's CBW85 combination container padlock. Designed with cutting-edge features and a robust build, this lock offers unparalleled security for freight containers, storage units, trailers, hitches, trucks, and more. Benefits of the CBW85 Combination padlock: Cutting-Edge Security: With its boron hardened steel straight shackle, this lock provides exceptional resistance against cutting attempts, making it virtually impenetrable. User-Friendly Design: Effortlessly set and reset your personalized combination using the large brass wheels, allowing for quick and easy operation. Uncompromising Durability: The solid brass lock body, combined with security-hardened internal parts, ensures long-lasting performance, safeguarding your belongings for years to come. Patented 'pull' Button: Experience easy access to the lock, even in challenging situations, thanks to our innovative patented mechanism. Versatile Application: From freight containers to storage units, trailers, hitches, and trucks, the CBW85 Combination Block Lock excels in securing various applications. Enhanced Protection: The black protective plastic cover shields the lock from external elements, guaranteeing reliability even in harsh weather conditions. Invest in the CBW85 padlock today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your valuables are securely protected. Backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty, this lock is a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
SHCB75 Straight Shackle Boron Steel Combination Padlock SHCB75 Straight Shackle Boron Steel Combination Padlock
Squire Locks SHCB75 Straight Shackle Boron Steel Combination Padlock $79.99
SQUIRE SHCB75 High-Performance Combination Padlocks Keep your cargo secure with the SQUIRE SHCB75 straight shackle block-style combination padlocks. These heavy-duty locks are made with the highest-quality materials and designed for maximum security in any situation. Whether you're securing freight containers, storage units, trailers, hitches, trucks, or any other valuable items, the SQUIRE SHCB75 padlocks are up to the task. Main Benefits: Robust Cutting Resistance: The boron-hardened steel straight shackle provides superior strength against cutting attacks, making it nearly impossible for thieves to break through. Easy to Use: With large brass wheels and an easy-access 'pull' button, these locks are user-friendly and convenient. Superior Quality: The solid brass lock body and security-hardened internal parts are built to last and withstand heavy use and abuse. Patented Mechanism: The easy-access 'pull' button is a patented feature unique to SQUIRE SHCB75 locks, adding an extra layer of security to your assets. Versatile Use: Whether you need to secure freight containers, storage units, trailers, hitches, or trucks, the SQUIRE SHCB75 combination padlocks can handle any task. The SQUIRE SHCB75 combination padlocks also come with a black protective plastic cover to protect against harsh weather and elements. The 75mm combination block lock with 5 wheels provides more than 100,000 possible combinations, making it virtually impossible for anyone to guess the code. With a sleek and modern design, the SQUIRE SHCB75 padlocks are an excellent choice for anyone looking for top-of-the-line security. Don't take any chances with the security of your assets. Order your SQUIRE SHCB75 combination padlocks today and enjoy peace of mind knowing your property is safe and secure for many years to me, with our 10-year industry leading warranty.
Stronghold WS75S Straight Boron Shackle | Freight Container Lock Stronghold WS75S Straight Boron Shackle | Freight Container Lock
Squire Locks Stronghold WS75S Straight Boron Shackle | Freight Container Lock from $94.99 $99.99
Squire WS75S Straight Shackle High-Security Block Padlock Introducing Squire's WS75S Straight Shackle high-security block padlock—a cutting-edge solution designed to protect your assets. With its solid steel body and hardened boron, rotating straight shackle, this padlock ensures unmatched security. Certified with a CEN 4 security level, it offers top-notch protection for various applications, including security chains, roller shutters, containers, industrial and storage units, and more. Main benefits in choosing the Squire WS75S  padlock are: Grade 4 - High Security: Enjoy peace of mind knowing your possessions are safeguarded by an exceptionally secure padlock, capable of deterring even the most determined intruders. Anti-Bump, Anti-Pick & Attack-Resistant: Benefit from advanced features that render unauthorized tampering or bypassing virtually impossible, ensuring maximum security. 75mm Hardened Steel Block Body: With its robust construction, this padlock provides exceptional durability, guaranteeing long-lasting protection. 12mm Hardened Boron Alloy Steel Straight Shackle: The rotating straight shackle adds an extra layer of resistance against cutting or sawing attempts. Corrosion Resistant - Electrophoretic Coating: The padlock's superior coating protects against rust and corrosion, ensuring reliable performance in even the harshest environments. 6-Pin Tumbler Locking Mechanism - 250k Key Differs: Benefit from a complex locking mechanism that offers an extensive number of key combinations, enhancing security and minimizing the risk of unauthorized duplication. Re-keyable: Easily reconfigure the lock for added convenience or security, providing flexibility to adapt to changing needs.Squire's WS75S Straight Shackle high-security block padlock. This meticulously crafted padlock guarantees unrivaled security and durability. Its versatility makes it the ideal choice for securing containers, storage units, lorries, trailers, RVs, perimeter gates, warehouses, commercial equipment, utility and industrial spaces, shutters, and more. Invest in the WS75S Straight Shackle padlock today to experience the ultimate protection for your valuable possessions. Plus, enjoy Squire's unbeatable 10-year warranty, ensuring your long-term satisfaction.Don't compromise on security - choose Squire's WS75S Straight Shackle padlock for unrivaled peace of mind. 

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