Lock and Chain
Squire Locks USA Squire IC/850 Integrated Chain Lock for Motorbikes $182.75
Squire Stronghold IC/850 Integrated Motorbike Chain Lock Squire Stronghold IC/850 Integrated Chain Lock is Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond Rated and Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold Rated, making it the ideal high security bike lock. The Squire IC/850 lock is permanently attached to one end of the chain, so there’s no risk of losing the lock part when it is not in use. Specification: ·         10mm square hardened steel alloy chain. ·         850mm chain length. ·         Integrated lock with hardened steel body machined from solid steel block ·         6 pin lock cylinder (over 500,000 key differs). ·         Restricted key system, personal key ID card to prevent unauthorized copying. ·         2 keys supplied. ·         Security Rating 10+. ·         10-Year Guarantee.
Squire Marine Combination Padlock - CP40S 2.5
Squire Locks USA Squire Marine Combination Padlock - CP40S 2.5" Long Shackle $23.99
Marine Padlock CP40S 2.5' extra long shackle: Heavy-Duty Marine Combination Padlock for Ultimate Security Unlock unmatched security and convenience with our top-selling marine padlock the CP40S Long shackle, heavy-duty recodeable marine quality combination padlock. Crafted to the highest quality standards, these uniquely designed locks offer easy usage and multiple-lock convenience. Say goodbye to keys and welcome a personalized, keyless system that ensures your belongings are always protected. Main Benefits: Enhanced Security: The CP40S padlock boasts a hardened stainless steel, rustproof shackle that provides superior protection against the elements and potential tampering, ensuring your valuables remain secure. Comfortable Handling: Experience a comfortable grip with the dual compound body cover and push button spring loaded opening mechanism, making operating the padlock a breeze. Full Recoding Capability: Reset the combination at your convenience, personalizing the code for added security. 10,000 locking variations. Keyless Access: Ditch the hassle of traditional keys and enjoy the convenience of a keyless system. Versatile Applications: Marine grade and salt water tested. Ideal for boats, sheds, lockers, toolboxes, and various storage areas, thanks to its robust build and four combination wheels. Specifications: Weight: 0.2kg Body Width: 40mm Body Thickness: 22mm Shackle Diameter: 6mm Vertical Shackle Clearance: 63mm Horizontal Shackle Clearance: 17mm Number of Combinations: 10,000 Superior Durability and Longevity: Built to withstand even the harshest environments, our CP40S long shackle marine padlocks are engineered for longevity, ensuring lasting security for your valuable assets. Secure Your Valuables Today: Don't compromise on security - buy your CP40S marine padlock today and experience the peace of mind that comes with top-tier protection. Say goodbye to keys and embrace the keyless, fully recodable system for enhanced security.
Squire Matterhorn 230 Bicycle U Lock Squire Matterhorn 230 Bicycle U Lock
Squire Locks USA Squire Matterhorn 230 Bicycle U Lock $64.49
Squire Matterhorn 230 Bicycle U-Lock Protect your bicycle with the Matterhorn 230 U-Lock from Squire. The Matterhorn 230 is designed to be one of the strongest bicycle u-locks on the market. With materials like high quality hardened steel for the shackle, this is built to withstand the most determined attempts at theft. Main Benefits: Unparalleled Strength: Crafted from top-quality hardened steel, the Matterhorn 230 u lock provides serious resistance to cutting and tampering.Market-Leading Security: Squire's bicycle locks are renowned for their superior security standards, making them the preferred choice for bicycle security.Sold Secure Silver Certification: The MATTERHORN 230 U lock is Sold Secure Diamond rated, meeting the stringent standards for bicycle security in both commercial and residential settings.Peace of Mind: With a 10-year guarantee and a reputation built over 240 years, Squire ensures your equipment is protected by a trusted name in security. FEATURES Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond Approved 14mm diameter hardened steel shackle  Double locking and deadlocking 230mm vertical shackle clearance 114mm horizontal shackle clearance Rotating key hole protective cover Bike frame carrying bracket included 2 keys included   Choose Squire, the trusted name in bicycle security, and ensure the safety of your equipment for years to come, with our market beating 10 year product warranty.

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