SQUIRE Vulcan® Range

A mighty robust high security range of combination padlocks.


Introducing the SQUIRE Vulcan® Range

Named after Vulcan, the ancient Roman god of fire and metalworking, this mighty tough combination padlock range takes some beating.

The Vulcan Combi Locks are highly corrosion resistant, ideal for securing sheds, tool boxes, lockups and storage areas.

Easy to use in 4 and 5-wheel versions, these Vulcans are fully recodable and offer up to 100,000 combinations.

The SQUIRE Vulcan® Range has a new hardened boron steel shackles that provide 80% more attack resistance than other hardened steel shackles.

That's why they're supported by the independent crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers.

Available options

SKU Security Rating @ Number of possible combinations

Vulcan COMBI 40




Vulcan COMBI 50




Vulcan COMBI 60




Vulcan Combi Open Shackle

Vulcan Combi Open Shackle

Vulcan Combi Open Shackle

Vulcan Combi

Vulcan Combi Open Shackle

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