CP50 Combination Padlock All Weather Padlock


CP50 Combination Padlock All Weather Padlock

Product description

Squire CP50 Combination Padlock - All Weather Security

Squire CP50 Combination Padlock – a testament to cutting-edge engineering that seamlessly combines heavy duty strength with user-friendly recodable combination design.

Why Choose the Squire CP50 All Weather Combination Padlock?

  • Weatherproof and Durable: Crafted from premium metals, our CP50 combination padlocks defy corrosion, ensuring unwavering performance even in the most challenging outdoor environments.

  • Heavy Duty Body: With a rugged 50mm body width, the CP50 stands tall as a guardian of your valuables.

  • Hardened Shackle: The 8mm diameter hardened steel shackle is your ultimate defense against any attempts at tampering.

  • Effortless Operation: A dual compound body cover not only ensures a comfortable grip but also fortifies the padlock. The innovative push-to-open button and smooth wheel movement redefine ease of use.

  • Versatility: From safeguarding toolboxes and school lockers to securing gates, doors and equipment, the CP50 excels in diverse scenarios, making it your reliable all-around companion.

Experience the Unrivaled Features

  • SQUIRE's Legacy of Assurance: With a legacy spanning over 240 years, SQUIRE is dedicated to innovation and performance. Every CP50 padlock is backed by a confident 10-year warranty.

  • Advanced Recodeable Mechanism: Personalize your security with the CP50's 5-wheel recodeable combination, offering an astonishing 100,000 possible combinations.

  • Comfort Meets Control: The dual compound padlock body cover ensures a comfortable grip, enhancing your experience with every use.

  • Tailored Security: Reset your combination at your convenience, and enjoy keyless access tailored to your preferences.

Your Assets, Your Code – Secure Them with Squire's CP50 Today!





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