Squire SS100CS Closed Shackle Heavy Duty Padlock


Squire SS100CS Closed Shackle Heavy Duty Padlock

Product description

The Squire SS100CS  Stronghold padlock is the world's strongest production padlock. Squire's SS100CS Stronghold padlock is a massive, ultra-high-security, closed shackle hardened steel padlock which is the first padlock to ever achieve a level SR5 security rating from the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), their highest possible rating.

Product Features

  • Massive 20mm diameter hardened boron alloy steel shackle 
  • 100mm wide solid hardened steel lock body - Weighs approx 4Kg
  • Closed shackle design for ultra-high security applications
  • Accredited to LPCB Level SR4 and CEN6 security level approved
  • Dual key operated for high security and/or supervised use. Can be keyed to differ, keyed-alike or master-keyed 
  • Electrophoretic anti-corrosion finish 
  • Anti-drill protection 
  • Tensile pull test independently verified to 17 tonnes  
  • Shackle completely detaches from the padlock body - easier to attach through the hasp and staple or a chain

Recommended for

  • Perimeter Gates
  • High-Security Facilities
  • Heavy-Duty Equipment
  • Lorries, Trailers, RVs 
  • Military
  • Industrial

If you are looking for the strongest padlock security that is independently certified  and proven in the field, order your SS100CS heavy duty padlock today. 





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